The Bath Tub

Albany Owned & Operated Since 2007.   278 York Street, Albany, Western Australia


Bath Bombs


Beautiful Relaxing Hand Made Bath Bombs.

Our range of bombs include over 25 beautiful combinations of essential oils and fragrances. We use the finest grade of oils and fragrances to bring you quality and value.

Listed here are our top selling bath bombs, if you would like to try some of our other bombs simply call us during business hours on 08 9842 9000 and we'll let you know what others are available.

Relaxation - Essential Oils, Lavender, Bergomot, Mandarin, Cedarwood & Lavender buds, aids in a wonderful nights sleep.

Sparkling Papaya - Fragrant Papaya oil, fruity and delicious with shimmer!

Marshmallow - Our best seller! Made with delicious Marshmallow fragrant oil

Coconut & Lime - Tropical and fresh, with real coconut

Rose Garden - A timeless classic with Rose, Lavender & Patchouli essential oils. 

Wild Cherry: - Wild summer Cherries , smells so good you might want to add icecream too!

Opium : Inspired by the perfume Opium, Sexy and alluring, this bomb will make you The Bomb!

Proudly made by Laura in Albany, exclusively for The Bath Tub


Bicabonate soda for water softening, citric acid for the fizz!, sweet almond & olive oils for moisturing and silky soft skin, witch hazel for healing and anti bacterial, essential oils for wellbeing and aromatherapy, fragrant oils for delicous aromas, botanicals & silk flowers for prettiness. 

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