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Jojoba Oil 100 mls


100% Natural

What is Jojoba Oil?

The jojoba plant is found in the desert areas of California, Arizona and Mexico. It is a plant that can grow up to 15 feet high and the oil is pressed from the seeds/nuts that grow on the tree.

Why it's Good for Your Skin

Jojoba oil is known as the oil that mostly closely resembles human sebum, so the uses and benefits to skin and hair are high.

For People with Oily Skin: Though it may sound scary to put an oil on your skin if you already have a problem with oily skin, jojoba oil can help regulate the amount of sebum (what you see as oil)your skin makes, creating less oil.

·      0;  As a Moisturizer: You can use jojoba head-to-toeas a body or facial moisturizer. A little goes a long way!

·      0;  As a Makeup Remover: Jojoba oil applied directly to your face on a cotton ball is a great makeup remover -especially for waterproof eye makeup.

·      0;  As a Cuticle Cream: A drop of jojoba rubbed into the nail bed makes for a great moisturizing treatment for drycuticles.

·      0;  For Dry Hair: A warm oil treatment prior to washing or a bit applied to hair after washing for dry hair - jojoba oil can beused any way you'd use any other products for dry hair.

 Jojobaoil helps promote healing of the skin in many ways.

Native Americans have long used jojoba (pronounced hohoba) oil aid healing sores and wounds. Today, jojoba oil is most often used for cosmetic purposes, designedfor the maintenance of healthy skin. This unique oil helps promote healing fromthe skin in many ways as it has antimicrobial properties, which discourage the development of bacterial and fungal microbes that could attack the skin.

Jojoba’schemical composition closely resembles those of the skin’s natural sebum. It’s easily absorbed without causing any allergic reactions, even just in those with sensitive or acne-prone skin. The body’s natural sebum also includes wax esters,which behave as a natural moisturiser and barrier for that skin. Wax ester production steadily decreases as we grow older, causing the skin to appear dulland wrinkled. A lower ester content in the skin may also lead to the development of conditions for example psoriasis, dandruff, and rosacea.


Since jojobaoil so closely produces the oil already present in human skin,there are many benefits associated with utilizing it as a daily facial moisturizer: it spreads and absorbs well and doesn’t evaporate like water-based moisturizers often, thus providing all-day moisturization; it’snon-comedogenic. It is non-greasy and odorless, which makes it ideal for usealone or with essential oils. Its antibacterial properties help clear polluted pores and reinstate skin’s natural pH balance. Jojoba oil fights wrinkles and stretch marks by reduction of epidermal water loss. It lightens scars along with other skin imperfections. A natural antioxidant, it’s also hypoallergenic .Not only is jojoba oil great for your face, but it is helpful for treating skin conditions from top to bottom.



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