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2-3kg Himalayan Salt Lamp


2-3 kg Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Not only do these lamps look amazing they report to have great health benefits too.

When the lamp is switched on and becomes warmer than the surrounding air it will emit negative ions. These negative ions counteract the positive ions (not as good as they sound) that come from our electrical equipment like mobile phones, TVs and computers.

1. Helping with Allergies and Asthma - the negative ions help to push dust to the ground.

2. Deoderise your home

3. Aids in relieving coughs

4. Reduces electromagnetic radiation

5. Increases energy

6. Helps sleep

7. Assists concentration

8. Aesthetically calming and cozy.

9. If you are not a believer in any of the above, that’s ok, they are also simply amazing to look at!

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